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A little bit about

Ned Shaw

As a career creative professional of 40 years, it has been my job to come up with the ideas that drive campaigns and marketing efforts for companies large and small. Much effort and money is put into the distribution channels needed to reach any specific audience. But those efforts are for naught without a compelling concept that encapsulates the brand, its features, and aspirations that make up the heart of a great campaign.

I have written, voiced, and directed countless radio and television commercials for The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis and Indiana University, among others. My scripts and ad copy have helped market the Indiana Life Sciences initiative, promote the arrival of the Terra Cotta Warriors to the United States, trumpet a vast new museum dinosaur gallery, drive attendance to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles exhibit, and given luster to the Indiana University football team. 

From serious topics to essential products to delightful fluff, I can provide the scripts, storyboards, and creative direction needed to make your next ad campaign, radio ad, or TV spot a success.  Let me collaborate with your team to provide that beginning point from which all the other parts of a marketing effort spring.

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